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London Bridge Is Getting a New Slogan

"What's in a name?" wrote a guy who once lived in London. Today, he'd ask, What's in a brand? The city is about to debut new branding as part of a tourism campaign for London Bridge. In advance of the unveiling, we turned their project into a lesson in sloganeering: First we asked readers to come up with taglines for the bridge*, and then three experts each picked a winner.


Mary Jo Hatch
Professor, Gothenburg University School of Business Economics and Law

Bridging the World
"It's the only offering that connects the bridge to what lies beyond London. Place branding should always encourage making a personal connection."


Gregg Wasiak
Partner, The Concept Farm

Bridging History
"This is about building on assets—staying true to core values while adapting to a changing marketplace. 'Bridging History' neatly links the area's rich local history to its dynamic global future."


Priscilla Hagstrom
VP of communications, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau

Standing Strong
"You want a brand to leverage what consumers know about a city or a product. This fits the song about London Bridge, and it sounds even better this way!"

*and here they are!

From Facebook

Scott Smith: "It's not falling down"

Troy Tarpley: "Ocean Crossing Bridge"

James Braendel: "London Bridge: 200 years of not falling down or London Bridge: Cross with confidence or London Bridge: They got it wrong"

Charles Smith: "London Bridge, Bank On It or London Bridge: Thames Skipper or London Bridge, No Abutments About It or London Bridge, The Original Pier to Peer Network."

Sarah O'Leary Pass: "It will not fold"

Angela Rimmer: "London Bridge: Old meets new or Connecting Monument and The Shard"

[Illustration by Jerod Gibson]

A version of this article appeared in the September 2013 issue of Fast Company magazine.