Quiz! Which Future Thinker Had Which Future Thought?

Quiz! Which Future Thinker Had Which Future Thought?

So asks the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, opening this month, whose exhibit Future Perfect features the visions of many different types of thinkers. Try matching the futuristic prediction with its maker.


1. Biologist
2. Artist
3. Science-fiction author
4. Material designer


A. All simple, physical controls–doorknobs, elevator buttons, and more–are replaced by gestural controls, like waving your hands.

B. Buildings are constructed by automated robot arms that weave material, inspired by the way silkworms weave cocoons.

C. Organic-looking forests are full of synthetically engineered and cultivated plant life.

D. Clothes are made out of wax that’s shaped to the individual wearer, and seeded with bacterial and plant life that can change shape and color.

Answers: A3, author Bruce Sterling (with media arts group Marshmallow Laser Feast); B1, synthetic biologist Rachel Armstrong (with material ecologist Neri Oxman); C2, artist Cohen Van Balen; D4, material designer Bart Hess

[Michael Spitz (Pop Quiz)]