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Can Lululemon Turn Wall Street On To Yoga?

The high-end yoga wear maker with a cult-like female following is increasingly targeting male shoppers, with a focus on Wall Streeters.

Can Lululemon Turn Wall Street On To Yoga?

Lululemon, the high-end yoga wear company with a cult-like female following, is ramping up its efforts to target male customers in an attempt to expand its business.

On July 28, the brand will outfit the (mostly male) athletes of Wall Street in Lululemon shirts and shorts for this year's Wall Street Decathlon, Bloomberg reports. The Decathlon news follows Lululemon's announcement in June of its first standalone stores exclusively for men, which will begin opening in 2016. The planned store will go beyond yoga wear to also include apparel designed for sports such as golf and running.

It's unclear as yet whether Lululemon's attempt to appeal to the Wall Street crowd will help its stock, which has come under scrutiny on the Street several times this year: First, in March, the company's chief product officer Sheree Waterson stepped down after the company had to recall a line of yoga pants because the fabric was too sheer. Two months later, its stock took another hit after CEO Christine Day announced she would be stepping down from the company once her successor is named. The company has yet to announce a new CEO.

Perhaps this is the perfect time for Lululemon to make the mythical Mansy a reality.

[Flickr user lululemon athletica]