Updated: Monopoly Redesign Embraces Xbox, Coke, And McDonald’s, Ditches Boardwalk And Park Place

UPDATE: Hasbro has confirmed to Fast Company that Monopoly Empire has not removed its jail. We have updated this post accordingly.

Redesigned for 21st century capitalism, Hasbro debuted a new version of Monopoly that bows to corporate overlords, all while shortening gameplay to half an hour.

In an effort to capture the short attention spans of kids and speed up a notoriously long game, Monopoly Empire tweaks the classic game of capitalism with familiar brands. Gone are the classic properties, such as Boardwalk and Park Place, and in are brands, including Coca-Cola, Xbox, and McDonald’s. Perhaps highlighting the sinister side of capitalism, the new board game sports a very different vibe, with its dark colors, futuristic cityscape backdrop, black dice, and gold pieces, which include an Xbox controller, McDonald’s fries, and Coca-Cola bottle.

[Image: Flickr user Harsh Light, Hasbro]AT