Beyond Bacon And Babes: Meet The Real Men Of Pinterest

Even though it was founded by a guy named Ben Silbermann, Pinterest, the social network dedicated to sharing of images, has built a population that is four-fifths women with countless “boards” depicting traditionally female-dominated categories like fashion, home design, crafts, DIY, and food. In the last two years, though, the proportion of men on Pinterest has grown an estimated 55 times in size, shifting the network’s gender mix and bringing some male users to positions of prominence.

This sampling of male Pinterest power users, all of whom have over six figures of followers, includes a graphic designer, a chef, a surfer, and an architectural designer. Each uses Pinterest in his career and personal life in different ways, whether through marketing partnerships, to gain clients, or to do market research on their own offerings.

They also have some common threads, according to Canadian comedian Andrew von Rosenbach: “I think everyone can agree that girls are pretty and bacon is tasty.”

Josh Draper (2.3M followers) – Architectural designer, educator, and dad.

Luke Dean-Weymark (915k followers) – Australian traveler and avid extreme sports enthusiast.

Paul Samples (464k followers) – Museum exhibition designer in New York.

Chris Falman (417k followers) – Graphic designer, pastry chef, and lover of bacon.

Tim Sullentrup (337k followers), Design problem solver, small business owner, and family man.

Andrew von Rosenbach (283k followers) – Comedian and Internet addict who is unabashedly Canadian.AK