How Your iPhone Made EA A Bundle

Games giant EA has reported its income from mobile gaming at about $104 million, and that Apple has become its biggest retail partner.

How Your iPhone Made EA A Bundle

In the first quarter of 2013 EA reported that 71% of its revenues were from the digital market and the figure of $104 million was up 17% on the previous year. In particular $90 million in revenue came from smartphones and tablets.

The important figures to compare this to are the amounts EA garnered from Xbox, which totaled to $108 million, the PlayStation’s $79 million, and the Wii’s $3 million. Sony’s and Nintendo’s handhelds brought in just $6 million. That means that EA’s mobile revenues were second only in importance to those earned over Xbox. Somewhat more importantly, during the investor call, EA’s president and COO Peter Moore noted that Apple was the biggest retail partner measured by sales–a situation Moore called “a first.”

Apple’s importance to the gaming market has long been a matter of debate, but this figure shines a lot of light on the matter. Casual gaming on smartphones and tablets is known to have grown at the expense of gaming on other platforms, including dedicated consoles. At its recent WWDC event, Apple revealed that it was going to be taking the gaming market more seriously by releasing Bluetooth-compatible gaming controllers for devices like the iPhone.

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