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Where Are They Now?

Following Electric Shocks, Apple Tells Chinese Consumers To Avoid Knockoff IPhone Chargers

In the wake of the tragic electrocution of a young Chinese woman, Apple is reminding its local users to avoid unofficial hardware.

Apple posted a special page on its Chinese website mentioning the potential dangers of using unofficial USB chargers to power its devices. The move follows the death of one Chinese woman and the injury of a man, allegedly due to the use of unofficial third-party USB chargers to charge iPhones. When picking up the phone while charging, both victims were said to have experienced a shock.

Third-party chargers from unofficial vendors are reportedly common in China and tend to use lower quality products that can result in short circuits. Apple addresses this exact issue on its new page, advising consumers to look for correctly labeled devices. It also reminds them that chargers can be bought officially from Apple outlets.

Apple promised to take part in the investigation into the electrocution death. The company has experienced a turbulent time in China recently, including suffering what was thought to be an organized smear campaign.

[Image: By Flickr user atomicjeep]

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