Soon You’ll Be Able To Sell Your Skills On Google “Helpouts”

Fresh rumors suggest Google is trying something new to expand its already expansive product portfolio–a skills market.

Google is reportedly considering expanding its e-commerce and cloud services by letting users with a particular skillset market those skills to potential buyers. The new system is said to be called “Helpouts.” The news came from a tipster who chatted with TechCrunch.


Since hiring a stranger for his or her skills is somewhat of a personal thing, Google’s said to be planning a variation on its Hangouts technology to enable buyers and sellers to chat over live video. A bit like eBay’s system, Google also plans to include a reputation meter so potential service buyers understand the quality of the service or vendor with whom they’re chatting.

The idea seems to be to rival other systems like TaskRabbit by using both Google’s reach and its existing technology like video calling and electronic payments services. According to a tipster, Google is testing Helpouts inside its own property and may launch it publicly in a month or so.

[Image: By Flickr user marc falardeau]

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