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Most Creative People

Today's Most Creative Person: Jay Z, Rapper, Tycoon, Marketeer Extraordinaire

With Magna Carta Holy Grail still at the top of the Billboard 200 thanks to his clever deal with Samsung, the Brooklyn-born artiste is "playing the long game."

Today's Most Creative Person: Jay Z, Rapper, Tycoon, Marketeer Extraordinaire

It may have had less-than-stellar reviews (especially compared to Kanye's latest offering), but the artist formally known as Jay-Z's Spotify-record-busting Magna Carta Holy Grail remains atop the Billboard album charts for the second week in a row. And that's why Jay Z is today's Most Creative Person.

There is no doubt that Magna Carta Holy Grail's stickiness to the Billboard 200 peak is, in part, due to Jay Z's deal with Samsung. The Korean firm paid an estimated $5 million to buy one million free downloads of the album as an enticing add-on to its potential new smartphone and phablet customers. Buy this phone and you'll get the album for free three days before its official launch—a smart move by both entities. Samsung got a whole heap of new users to shore up its figures in its epic war with Apple, and Jay Z got both money and top-of-the-charts kudos.

But there would be a backlash, wouldn't there? Does that backlash bother Mr. Beyonce? Not much. He sat down for an hour-long interview—you can see the first half below—and talked about the haters. "In America we have an overreaction to everything," he told Elliott Wilson during the interview. "I'm not concerned with noise because I'm playing the long game. I see 10 years down the road and then we'll really be able to judge the album for what it is."

Whether you believe the hype or not, there's no doubt of Jay Z's domination of the entertainment and business worlds. But will this make him one of next year's Most Creative?

Every year, Fast Company names its 100 Most Creative People, highlighting the global leaders in tech, design, media, music, movies, marketing, television, sports, and more. Jay Z, and other thought leaders, will be considered for 2014's list.

[Image: Flickr user michaelwhitney]