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Tweeting for the Weekend: Introducing The First Twitter Hotel

There is now such a thing as a Twitter Experience Hotel where one can summon room service for more beers with the hashtag #fillmyfridge. Thank you, Internet.

The Sol Wave House is an upscale beachfront hotel in Majorca, Spain sporting two surfable wave pools, spa services, six restaurants, bars, and lounges. If that's not enough, it has just rebranded to become the first "Twitter Experience Hotel."

As this promotional video, scored with some serious Eurodisco, shows, hashtags and smartphones are currently providing silicon lubrication for sunburned Brits to flirt from cabana to cabana. If you ever visited the late, lamented Remote Lounge in New York City, or the telephone bars of the 1960s as featured in Mad Men, you'll get the idea.

Also, you can summon room service for more beers with the hashtag #fillmyfridge. And there will be something called "Twitter Party Lounges."

As a slightly English-challenged "Twitter concierge" explains to HospitalityNet, "our main client profile, young and social, is always looking for new experiences and emotions shared with a growing virtual community; With #SocialWave we wanted to meet this aspiration, which binds to the quality and striking design of our product and the outstanding beauty of the environment."

Doubling down on its online presence looks like a smart way for this European hotel chain to build its profile. But it @Solwavehouse has a way to go, with currently fewer than 200 followers.