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Where Are They Now?

Get Ready To See Lots Of Promoted Tweets During TV Ads

Twitter is giving a big push to its TV ad targeting feature, which allows brands to send promoted tweets during ad breaks for your favorite shows.

Twitter has announced that its TV ad targeting feature is now available in the U.S. The service, which allows brands to send promoted tweets during TV ads, shows just how important the second screen is to television.

Testing, said Twitter, "reveal[ed] that the impact of using Twitter in combination with TV advertising is significantly greater than that of using TV advertising alone." Adidas, Holiday Inn Express, Jaguar, and Samsung all acted as guinea pigs.

Advertisers using TV ad targeting saw significant improvements to key brand metrics, such as message association and purchase intent (as measured by Nielsen Brand Effect for Twitter). During a handful of studies, users that Twitter identified as being exposed on TV and then engaged with a Promoted Tweet demonstrate 95% stronger message association and 58% higher purchase intent compared to users identified as being exposed on TV alone.

The firm is also rolling out a brand new analytics tool that will give brands a better idea about what people are saying about them on Twitter. On Tuesday, the social networking site came under fire for faking enthusiastic tweets about the TV ads platform using real Twitter users' profiles. It has since apologized.

[Image: Flickr user comedy_nose]