New Nexus 7 Goes On Preorder Before Google Has a Chance To Reveal It

Google’s next Nexus 7 tablet is all over the web before its official outing, just as rumors say its Apple rival is delayed.

New Nexus 7 Goes On Preorder Before Google Has a Chance To Reveal It

Best Buy has revealed every detail of the next generation Nexus 7, Google’s best-selling small-format tablet. Google has a small-scale press event scheduled for later today where it will presumably be officially revealing the device. And you can now preorder the device.

The 7-inch machine runs Android 4.3 and comes with 32GB or 16GB of storage, and uprated internals. It also has a 1.2 megapixel front camera, and a 5 megapixel rear camera–where the original Nexus 7 had only a front webcam. The machine is priced at $229. Benchmarking efforts by, which managed to get hold of one, show its performance is about the same as the Nexus 4, Google’s own-brand smartphone, which positions it well in the tablet market.

Apple’s iPad Mini is the Nexus 7’s main rival, and that device was also released in November 2012–but to incredible market enthusiasm. The Mini is presumed to be getting an update at about the same time as Apple’s iPad and iPhone, refreshed, likely in the fall, but rumors suggest the update might be delayed.

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