Going Geek: YouTube Taps Its Inner Nerd For Promotional Festival

YouTube really wants you to watch its Channels, so it’s appealing to the coolest new audience segment: Geeks, nerds, boffins, and fantasy fans.

Between August 4 and August 10, Google is running another original content festival, and this time the theme is Geek Week. It’s going to be fun for many YouTube viewers, but it’s really about Google promoting its push for Channels–its play for the future of online TV.

Google’s event promises original content, documentaries and more about gaming, science, sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, superheroes and so on. It all begins with Blockbuster Sunday, which isn’t about the failed video rental service, but about the paradigm-defining films and shows in this genre. In an even more geeky move, Google’s blog post notes that if you’re an “3l33t” geek (hmmm) then there will be little Easter Egg gifts dotted throughout the shows.

The Geek Week push follows YouTube’s recent Comedy Week event, which clearly appeals to a broader audience. What Google’s trying to show is that it can appeal to all sorts of narrow audience groups as well as popular culture, and that it can show particular types of adverts to particular demographics.

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