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Hi, Mom! Locations and Facebook IDs of Tinder Users Exposed for Hours

"No users were directly affected and no one was put in harm's way," according to a spokeswoman for the dating app.

Over the weekend, a security flaw within dating app Tinder exposed users' locations and Facebook IDs for two hours, the company's publicist told Fast Company.

"No users were directly affected and no one was put in harm's way," Tinder's Rosette Pambakian said.

First reported by Quartz, the app had sent data files, which were vulnerable to hacking, to users' smartphones. These files contained users' locations as well as their Facebook IDs, which can reveal their full names. Tinder collects location information to help people connect with fellow users who are nearby.

Tinder released a statement reiterating its dedication to privacy:

We take the privacy of our users very seriously and have taken the appropriate measures to ensure that our user data cannot be accessed from anyone inside or outside the company. We became privy to a minor security flaw related to one of our releases and patched it up within hours of that release.

Pambakian did not say whether this security flaw will be disclosed to users.

UPDATE: According to a Quartz report, the security breach could've lasted two weeks. Pambakian did not respond to an email sent to her Wednesday regarding the matter.

[Image: Flickr user Phil Roeder]

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