Moto X’s Camera Features, Interactions Leaked in Alleged Screenshots

Ahead of Motorola’s Aug. 1 event, leaked screenshots purportedly show functionality of the Moto X’s camera. They don’t, however, give an indication of image quality.

The Moto X has a massive marketing budget ($500 million), a reveal date (Aug. 1), and now some purportedly leaked screenshots showing new camera features and interactions of this highly anticipated smartphone.


Through an anonymous source, Android Police has published a series of Moto X screenshots that demonstrate how the smartphone camera works–allegedly, of course. As with any leaks, we should approach this information with some skepticism. The tech press is prone to getting things wrong in the excitement of capturing eyeballs (and traffic) regarding product launches.

From the looks of it, the camera UI will rely heavily on gestures: Swipe from the left for settings (options include high-dynamic range, flash, slow-motion video, etc.), swipe from the right for gallery, and drag a finger up or down to zoom. A feature called quick capture activates the camera when the accelerometer is triggered by twisting the wrist twice, it appears. Furthermore, tapping once on the screen seems to take a single image while holding the position can take multiple shots continuously.

Of course, none of these screenshots demonstrate actual image quality. Don’t get too impatient, though. August 1 is only a week away.

[Images: Android Police, Flickr user Jordan Lloyd]

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