Netrobe, A Management App For Fashionistas, Goes To The Web… But Not Android

Netrobe, a wardrobe- and fashion-management iOS app with a large user base, is launching a web version. But in an unusual twist, the web version is launching before the Android app.

The social networking service’s web version, which marries Pinterest-style fashion sharing with more specific interactivity features and connectivity between users, looks much more like the iOS version, except with a greater emphasis on online commerce and purchasing. Monetizing schemes for Netrobe include ecommerce partnerships and affiliate programs for fashion bloggers.

According to press materials, the new site “helps fashion lovers curate new looks with confidence as well as find inspirations from stylemakers and their peers.” Although Netrobe has a large userbase, the app also has several competitors. Apart from Pinterest, Stylebook is a similar product with a somewhat overlapping demographic.

Some shots from the new, web-enabled version of Netrobe are shown above.

[Images: Netrobe]