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Power Company Admits Radioactive Water Is Leaking From Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

Officials noticed that the water level in the underground wastewater trench was rising and falling with the tide levels. Just recently the country announced its desire to restart its nuclear plants.

The nuclear plant hit by the 2011 tsunami in Japan has been leaking contaminated water, says the firm that runs it. This is the first time the Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, has admitted to a leak, despite the discovery of radioactive groundwater last month.

In a press conference yesterday, TEPCO was quick to stress that the radioactive water is currently confined to the man-made harbor surrounding the plant. Japan is keen to restart its nuclear power program, which it stopped for a "safety review" following the disaster. The country relies on this method of power, but it could pivot, into the renewables sector. This would, of course, come at a cost—and at a time when Japan's economy could be better.

Where do you stand on the nuclear power debate? Are you for it, or against it?

[Image: Flickr user Jun Teramoto]

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