This Is The View From Mount Fuji, Courtesy Of Google Street View

Google’s Street View team has hauled its package of cameras and sensors to another wild and beautiful corner of the globe that has no streets.

Google‘s Japanese Street View system has now been taken up the 12,400-foot heights of Japan’s tallest mountain, Mount Fuji. The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage site for culture, which is partly why Google spent such an effort on the task.


It created some 14,000 panoramas on the way up the mountain including a full walk around the famously symmetrical crater at the mountaintop. In recent months Google has expanded its Street View repertoire considerably, taking the system (and thus its many users) to some of the more unusual locations around the world including top of the world’s tallest building, the Eiffel tower, and have planned an extensive tour of Venice.

Google’s Street View is a powerful and largely unrivaled weapon in the fight Google is engaged in with Apple and others over navigation and mapping.

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