Today’s Most Creative People: The Team Behind The All-In-One Security System You Control From Your Phone

Traditional home security systems are complicated, can cost thousands, and don’t make much sense for renters. So the team behind Canary created a $200 all-in-one security device that you can control with your phone.

Home security is a hot subtopic within the world of the Internet of Things, the phrase used to describe networked smart objects that can “talk” to one another. We’ve seen various startups such as SmartThings and Fuseproject attempt to deliver smart, affordable home security that you can control remotely, typically using a smartphone.


The latest is Canary, a single-device home security system packed with an HD video camera, a microphone, and sensors that track everything from motion detection to air quality to humidity. You can set the device to alert you via iPhone or Android when it detects anything out of the ordinary, such as a sudden change in temperature that could indicate a fire, or a movement while you’re on vacation that could signal an intrusion.

The founders, Chris Rill, Adam Sager, and Jon Troutman, have created an Indiegogo campaign that has already surpassed its $100,000 goal by more than $60,0000, with more than 35 days to go. Canary seems to be in good hands: Sager has been a security advisor to Fortune 100 companies, and Rill has built software systems for the U.S. military.

Every year, Fast Company names its 100 Most Creative People, highlighting the global leaders in tech, design, media, music, movies, marketing, television, sports, and more. Rill, Sager, Troutman, and other thought leaders will be considered for 2014’s list.

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