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With the Royal Baby, Oreo Shows it Has Perfect Timing on Twitter

Oreo is at it again, brilliantly executing a social media campaign that shows it's tapped into the moment. With everyone on royal baby watch, the company tweeted an image of a milk bottle with an Oreo cookie featuring the tag line "Long Live the Creme" the moment news broke about the baby's gender.

This, of course, made us think about Oreo's last clever social media move. When the Super Bowl unexpectedly went dark at the halftime show, the quick thinkers behind the Twitter handle knew viewers would turn to social media. To capture these eyeballs, the company tweeted a clever image, showing the power of real-time marketing to reinforce the brand in a moment of confusion. "You can still dunk in the dark," the tweet said.

[Image: Oreo, Flickr user Rob Boudon]