Green Coke? In Argentina, Coca-Cola Life Features Green Label, Bottle, and Ingredients

In Argentina, consumers have been seeing Coca-Cola Life, wrapped in a green label, on grocery shelves.

Green Coke? In Argentina, Coca-Cola Life Features Green Label, Bottle, and Ingredients

Shedding its iconic red color, Coke has debuted a new look in Argentina. Coca-Cola Life, distinguished by its green label, is marketed as a “natural” and “green” low-calorie beverage in (what else?) a fully recyclable bottle that’s made with 30% plant material.

Featuring a mix of sugar and stevia, the drink has 108 calories, offering a middle choice between Diet Coke, which has zero calories per 600 milliliters, and regular Coke, which has 250. What’s so natural about this new drink? That would be the zero-calorie sweetener made from the stevia plant (marketed under the brand Truvia in the U.S.). The sugar substitute has been making its way into more Coke products lately, including its Vitamin Water line and Seagram’s ginger ale, in an effort to reduce calories and combat obesity.

Coca-Cola Life is packaged in the company’s award-winning PlantBottle, which is made from petroleum-based materials and up to 30% plant-based materials. The exact plant matter is based on availability within local markets, but the hope is to create a 100% plant-based bottle down the line. In addition to the recyclable Coca-Cola Life bottle, the company has also been experimenting with eco-friendly bottles made from ice for beach-goers in Colombia.

Vendors have reportedly been selling hundreds of these green bottles an hour. For now, it looks like the green and ice varieties of Coca-Cola will stay in Argentina and Colombia, respectively.

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