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Today's Most Innovative Company: BookVibe Finds Your Next Book Recommendation On Twitter

Parakweet's BookVibe parses your Twitter stream to find quality book recommendations it then sends to you via email.

On Twitter, there's no shortage of links to interesting news stories and blog posts. But what about book recommendations?

Today's most innovative company, the social analytics firm Parakweet, has created a product called BookVibe. The tool scans tweets from people you follow for their book recommendations and packages them into a weekly email digest delivered to your inbox. BookVibe then provides an affiliate link to the books' listing.

BookVibe uses natural language processing algorithms to distinguish between different Twitter conversations and pare down the tweets to just those referring to books. When someone is tweeting about "The Help," for example, BookVibe's software can tell whether they're talking about the Kathryn Stockett novel, the film, or another subject entirely.

The New York Times reports Parakweet recently raised $2 million from angel investors.

Will Parakweet be on the next list of the world's Most Innovative Companies?

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