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After Being Purchased By Apple, Navigation App HopStop No Longer Works On Windows Phone

The app is still available on the Google Play store for Android, but for how long?

On Friday, Apple confirmed it bought the company behind novel app HopStop, though it wouldn't comment much about the move. Now it looks like HopStop has already stopped supporting Windows Phone devices.

Similar to Waze, HopStop cleverly crowdsources information about public transportation, walking, and biking routes, reporting on real-time delays and other data for non-driving travelers. The company reportedly had 2 million monthly active users across 300 cities, and made apps that work on iOS, Android, and also Windows Phone. But reports from AllThingsD say the app has been pulled from the Windows Phone app store, and when you launch the app on these phones you get an alert saying that the service no longer supports the Windows platform. Currently it's still available on the Google Play store for Android, which adds to the intrigue.

Apple recently bought another navigation-tech firm, Locationary, in a bid to brush up its navigation and mapping systems. Apple is locked in a surprisingly fierce battle with Google and other players like Nokia for domination of mapping on mobile platforms.

[Image: By Flickr user Matt Davis]

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