Apple Is Reportedly Testing IPads And IPhones With Larger Screens

The Wall Street Journal has put the digital cat among the rumor pigeons with the notion that Apple is looking into a bigger-screen iPhone and iPad.

Apple Is Reportedly Testing IPads And IPhones With Larger Screens

There’s a big move in the smartphone world to serve up devices with bigger and bigger screens, even to the point where we’re not sure if the things are phones, tablets, or some horrible halfway mutant. But Apple has stuck to its game plan and kept the iPhone palm-sized, and the iPad in two sensible-sized chunks. Now the Wall Street Journal, a pretty reliable Apple leak publication, is reporting the company is looking at larger screens for its iDevices.

According to the WSJ, Apple has been seeking prototype screen tech from its manufacturing teams. Specifically, it is looking at slightly less than 13-inch screen for the iPad, but the iPhone screen size isn’t known yet.

Apple’s iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch screen, which is bigger then the 3.5-inch screens on all previous iPhones. The iPhone screen size seems to have been carefully considered based on the typical size of a user’s hand, and the larger iPhone 5 screen still fits this paradigm because it’s got the same width but is slightly taller. For Apple to consider a slightly bigger screen is an interesting departure from this norm. A larger iPad, however, may easily be supported by the market, particularly if the devices are targeted at enterprise users.

We’re intrigued by the rumor, as it adds to many we’ve heard before. But we doubt Apple will serve up a bigger iPhone or iPad this year. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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