Apple Developer Center Shutdown Triggered By Security Researcher

Apple has announced that its dev center was breached and that’s why it was out of commission for a couple of days.

Apple Developer Center Shutdown Triggered By Security Researcher

Apple‘s developer center was down for a short while last week, and at the time Apple kept shtum about the reasons. Now Apple has revealed that a data breach occurred, and that the company has been redesigning the site’s security. Worries that user data has leaked may have been off target, however, as the breach seems to have begun with penetration testing by a security researcher.

Apple notes that “Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed. However, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing address and/or email addresses may have been accessed.”

But Ibrahim Balic, a security hacker, has claimed his research into Apple’s systems uncovered 13 potential bugs–and that he then reported this to the company, including releasing details of some accounts to prove the vulnerability was real. Apple is said to have seen his research as a breach, and that triggered the site closure. The company has been proactive about digital security recently, and quickly dealt with an unusual–for Apple–user-facing Java exploit earlier this year.

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