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Moto X Set to be Revealed Aug. 1 in New York City

Invitations were sent to media outlets Friday for a Moto X event in New York City on Aug. 1.

Moto X Set to be Revealed Aug. 1 in New York City

Google has plans to spend more than $500 million promoting the Moto X, and it looks like we finally have a reveal date for the Android smartphone. On Friday, Motorola (acquired by Google in 2011) sent media outlets invitations to its Aug. 1 event in New York City.

"Come experience the new Motorola," the invitation said. Over the Fourth of July weekend, the hardware maker ran a major ad campaign in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, and Washington Post, promoting the device as being "the first smartphone designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA."

We've reached out to Google for more information and will update this if we hear back.

[Image: Flickr user Stephen Pierzchala]