The Recommender: Sarah Kessler, Associate Editor

The three best things Fast Company‘s Associate Editor saw on the Internet this week.

The Recommender: Sarah Kessler, Associate Editor

Name: Sarah Kessler
Role at Fast Company: Associate Editor
Twitter: @SarahFKessler
Things she’s loving:


1. The “Can Men Wear Shorts?” debate
Every state, with the exception of Alaska (which obviously doesn’t
count), hit temperatures above 90 degrees this week, sparking a
national debate: Can men wear shorts? Our intern, Miles Kohrman, took
a pretty firm stance against shorts for all genders early on this week
in his article, 10 Things Not To Wear To Work In The Summer. But a handful of
office shorts supporters later revealed themselves (and their calves).
Special props to Co.Labs reporter Gabe Stein, who claims to have worn
shorts, flip-flops, and a tank to work in protest of Miles’s article
this week, though I only saw him on the Internet that day and can’t
confirm this.

The Pacific Standard was the only publication I saw bring an academic
into this debate
, which is exactly what it needed.

2. Kristin Wiig as Michael Jordan with Jimmy Fallon. Perfect.


3. The Pixar Theory John Lasseter, Disney’s chief creative officer, recently told me
while I was reporting an upcoming story that mixing characters from
different Pixar movies has always been taboo. And after reading Jon
Negroni’s “Pixar Theory,” I finally understand why: Putting Pixar
characters together would make it far too obvious that all the
studio’s movies are actually part of the same story–beginning with
the witch in Brave experimenting with giving animals the ability to
speak. I can’t believe we didn’t see this before.

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