Drones Tracking Highway Speeders? Not Quite

Activist pranksters have placed fake “Speed Enforced By Drones” signs along San Francisco-area highways.

Drones Tracking Highway Speeders? Not Quite

Worried about law enforcement drones? Some unknown activists have your back.

Mystery “Speed Enforced By Drones” signs have started popping up along highways in the Bay Area. According to a KPIX 5 news report, the signs were placed along one highway using tamper-resistent bolts. The signs show a weaponized drone firing a missile.

Andrew Barclay of the California Highway Patrol told the television station that they were made with “professional materials, it is a black & white reflective sign, just like the signs that we use on the side of the road for speed limits, and everything else. One of the signs that we found on Highway 37 was actually mounted using tamper-resistant bolts […] The other two signs were strapped using metal strapping on poles on the side of the freeway.”

The California Highway Patrol denies using, owning, or operating drones, and went out of their way to deny the use of any weaponized drones. KPIX said the highway patrol are currently calling sign makers to see who filled the order and that the signs are illegal under California’s highway code.

[Image: Flickr user Geopungo]

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