Hire My Friend Makes Sure Your Boss Doesn’t Find Out You’re Job Hunting

You never want your boss to know you’ve got your eye somewhere else. To navigate the dicey job-hunting-while-employed situation, London-based Makeshift launched a service to help full-timers discreetly look for work by leveraging their network of friends.

Instead of blasting your intention to seek new employment (a move that could easily get you fired), Hire My Friend provides a level of anonymity within its platform for employment seekers by keeping personal details–names and pictures–private until the job hunter expressly gives it to companies.

After users set up their profiles, which include a description of who they are, roles they’re looking for, and three hashtags that represent their skills (e.g., #rails), they can ask their friends to tweet their pages on their behalf. Employers can make contact with the job-hunting friend, who ultimately chooses whether or not to respond and share more information.

“Since Hire My Friend launched yesterday, we’ve had loads of people in the tech scene both in the U.K. and U.S. sending out tweets for their friends in need,” Courtney Boyd Myers, who heads marketing for the service, told Fast Company.

It’s no secret the tech world is having trouble bringing in more engineers. Hire My Friend provides an innovative approach that addresses an existing problem in job hunting.

At launch, Hire My Friends has eight local companies on board that plan to utilize the service to hire tech talent: GoCardless, Editd,, YPlan, Huge, Sidekick Studios, Fueled, and Mixcloud. Boyd Myers said, “dozens of companies reached out to get on board, but we’re keeping our company partner list curated for now while we continue to build out our product offerings.”

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