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Postmates And Uber Are Dishing Out Ice Cream To Beat The Hottest Week Of Summer

The Postmates delivery service and Uber ice cream trucks are visiting cities today and tomorrow with two cool promotions for the hottest week of summer.

Postmates And Uber Are Dishing Out Ice Cream To Beat The Hottest Week Of Summer

The hottest week of the summer is here, and two startups are pulling out ice cream-themed marketing stunts for the occasion.

Today at 2 p.m. ET, Postmates is starting a weekend-long offer to promote its mobile delivery service: free ice cream delivered to you in under an hour for San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City customers. Postmates users can locate the #SundaeLove store in the app and select the "Ice Cream Party" option to have one of the service's couriers deliver two free pints of ice cream, sprinkles and wafers, a scoop, and a novelty ice cream man mustache and cap. Even sweeter: Postmates will be delivering free pints of ice cream all weekend, through Sunday. (A $4.99 delivery fee—roughly what it costs to buy a pint of ice cream at the store—applies.)

Then, on Friday, Uber is bringing back its on-demand ice cream trucks for the second year in a row. Last July, the trucks toured seven North American cities, where Uber users could open up the private car service's mobile app, order an ice cream truck to the location of their choice, and enjoy frozen treats. But the marketing stunt caused the Uber ice cream trucks in service that day to be overwhelmed by demand, leaving many users unable to order.

This year, Uber is taking its trucks global, hitting 33 cities in 10 countries from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., local time. An Uber spokesperson says hundreds of trucks are being deployed across the cities, but warns "in many cities supply will still be limited." Will history repeat itself?

[Image: Flickr user puuikibeach]