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Are You A Pinterest Man?

There are almost 55 times more men on Pinterest than there were two years ago. What are they pinning? Let's take a look.

  • <p>Thrillist's Pinterest shaving guide.</p>
  • <p><em>GQ</em> shows of some stylish men.</p>
  • <p><em>GQ</em>'s Father's Day gift guide.</p>
  • <p><em>Men's Health</em> wants to keep men inspired with motivational quotes.</p>
  • <p>Another inspirational quote from <em>Men's Health</em>.</p>
  • <p><em>Men's Health</em> wants to help men hack the kitchen.</p>
  • <p>99 must-have tools for men, from <em>Men's Health</em>.</p>
  • <p>Men's hairstyles, from Ask Men.</p>
  • 01 /08

    Thrillist's Pinterest shaving guide.

  • 02 /08

    GQ shows of some stylish men.

  • 03 /08

    GQ's Father's Day gift guide.

  • 04 /08

    Men's Health wants to keep men inspired with motivational quotes.

  • 05 /08

    Another inspirational quote from Men's Health.

  • 06 /08

    Men's Health wants to help men hack the kitchen.

  • 07 /08

    99 must-have tools for men, from Men's Health.

  • 08 /08

    Men's hairstyles, from Ask Men.

He's stylish. He's secure. He likes motorcycles, technology, and sports. His avatar is probably Ryan Gosling. He's the Pinterest Man.

In the past two years, the number of men sharing images and pithy quotes with friends on Pinterest has grown 55 times, according to analytics firm PinLeague. As the overall site usage has also grown, PinLeague reports that today, 16.3% of users are male, up from less than 9% two years ago.

These numbers are in dispute: Pinterest itself has been claiming since at least 2012 that 20% of its users are men. Other reports have had it as low as 3%. "We drew a hard line at only counting users we were able to determine were male or female with very high degree of certainty," says Danny Maloney, CEO of PinLeague. "In our mind, the more interesting point than the number itself is the trendline, which shows men are adopting and becoming a larger portion of the audience."

The mainstreaming of Pinterest is indeed a trend to watch, as it opens itself up more to brands and a path to revenue.

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