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Ouya Games Kickstarter Again, This Time For Games

The little $99 games console that could is trying to again, this time planning to use Kickstarter to boost production of new games.

Ouya Games Kickstarter Again, This Time For Games

Ouya already used Kickstarter to power the production and launch of its tiny Android-powered games console, capturing much public enthusiasm along the way. Now it's trying the plan again, but this time it will use the crowd-funded cash to power the development of games—a critical part of the plan that will help bring customers to the platform.

Starting in August, a year after its initial $8.5 million project, Ouya will have a $1 million Kickstarter running alongside its own campaign: For developers who pledge between $50,000 and $250,000 Ouya will match the funds. The money's not endless, though, and Ouya says it will only spend a million on this, so the Kickstarter won't overrun.

In return for the funding, developers have to keep games exclusive to Ouya for a minimum of six months after it becomes available for download. This exclusivity is Ouya trying to tap into some of the same business tricks that Sony and Microsoft use to keep great games titles on their own games consoles.

[Image: By Flickr user M.Taniguchi]