How Inspired Employees Turn Your Message Into A Movement

“Without the talented and passionate and curious people who chose to come and build with me, I’d be a lunatic running around swearing.”

Yael Cohen

That’s Yael Cohen on the importance of her team and what they do to support her vision. As the founder of Fuck Cancer, Cohen is working to educate people about the importance of early detection.

In 2009, after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she launched the now well-known non-profit and foundation. Not long after, a big moment arrived when 200 fans sported Fuck Cancer T-shirts to Fashion Week in New York City.

Since then, Cohen has spoken about her crusade at a number of high-profile events. In 2012, she was named one of Fast Company‘s 100 Most Creative People in business. During our Skype video chat, Cohen shares what continues to drive her to work around the clock, how she finds balance in it all, and why the key to her enterprise’s success extends well beyond the founder.AM