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Where Are They Now?

Eat It, Apple! Google Maps 2.0 Heats The iOS Mapping Battle

Google's rolling out (another) big update to its iOS Maps application, adding features. This, of course, means war.

Eat It, Apple! Google Maps 2.0 Heats The iOS Mapping Battle

Google only recently revamped its Android Maps application.

And now the search company has released its iOS Maps 2.0 update—and one message is clearer than ever: Watch your back, Apple.

The new app is much cleaner and simpler in design than its previous edition, and on iOS it now supports the larger screen of the iPad with a special layout that maximizes the display real estate. In addition to the new layout, the app also has better navigation features and live traffic and incident reports to help commuters and travelers who use the app to help with their journeys. Google's also added a function that lets users find places like restaurants or stores, and boosted indoor mapping for structures like malls and airports.

Mapping is an important battleground for companies like Google and Apple because there's potentially a lot of money in these services which are used regularly by consumers. They also may help to build a sense of trust around the brand that makes the app.

[Image: Flickr user Hello Turkey Toe]