Google Glass Team Considered “Pew Pew Pew,” “Glassicus,” And “Go Go Glass” Before “OK Glass”

Before Google settled on “OK Glass” as the phrase that would trigger the headset’s menu options, the Glass team considered options like “Pew pew pew,” “Glassicus,” and “Hear me now.”

Google Glass Team Considered “Pew Pew Pew,” “Glassicus,” And “Go Go Glass” Before “OK Glass”

Two little words sit at the core of the Google Glass user experience: “OK Glass.” The simple phrase triggers Glass’s menu, which allows the wearer to prompt the headset into taking different actions, such as taking photos, giving you directions, or sending messages to friends.


But before Google settled on “OK Glass,” it considered phrases such as “Glassicus,” “Hear me now,” and “Pew pew pew.”

In a Google+ post posted today, Glass’s marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg shared the email that convinced Glass product manager Mat Balez to adopt the hotword over other options last April, before she had even joined Glass’s nonexistent marketing team.

Rosenberg explains the rationale behind her choice of phrase:


“Glass is something that needs to be activated by voice on a constant basis and mostly in public. It’s also an extremely personal product (literally, for your eyes only), almost like an (un)natural extension of yourself.”

She also shares a few of the phrases the Glass team had considered before adoption “OK Glass”:

* Listen up Glass
* Hear me now
* Let me use Glass to
* Go Go Glass
* Clap on
* Device, please
* 3, 2, 1…
* Glassicus
* Glass alive
* Pew pew pew

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