!Meow Gusta! Now Lolcats Can Teach You A Foreign Language

Cat Academy, an app launching this fall, teaches Spanish and other languages through pictures of cute cats.

Learning a foreign language can be difficult, but one startup hopes Lolcats can ease the process. But will using cute cats in silly situations to teach Spanish, French, and German actually work?


Memrise, a crowdsourced web/mobile learning platform, thinks it will. The company announced their newest product is CatAcademy – Cat Spanish, a mobile app that teaches Spanish by having users translate captions for Lolcat pictures. British users are currently testing a prototype product of the finished app. In a blog post, Memrise’s Ben Whately semi-jokingly writes that “the app is full of cats; it is also full of all the other latest findings on effective language acquisition.”

The company is also using Tumblr to crowdsource translations for CatAcademy. The CatAcademy Tumblr asks users to provide translations for dozens of Lolcat pictures in multiple languages. Check out some of the best contributions up above.

According to Whately, the Spanish version of CatAcademy will launch in September and French, German, Italian, and Portuguese editions are in development.

[Images: Memrise]