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Today's Most Innovative Company: Food52 Turns Leftover Produce Into Lunch For The Whole Office

Talk about an afternoon pick-me-up: Staffers at the food media startup bring in leftover produce daily to create a big, communal salad.

If you're like the two-thirds of American office workers who eat their lunch at their desks, your midday spread might look more like something featured on Sad Desk Lunches than in Bon Appetit. (For the sake of your job security, let's hope it's not one of these 11 distractingly stinky lunches.)

Not so at food media startup Food52, where each day staffers bring in unused produce from home, put one person in charge of whipping up a dressing, and make a communal salad. And although it may be their job to write about food, they keep a daily lunch ritual simple enough for groups of vegetable-loving coworkers to adopt in any office:

"Sure, we have sharp knives and fancy vinegars at Food52 HQ, but you can easily do this with your coworkers. Just find the people in your office who eat vegetables and make friends with them."

Though a midday meal takes up a relatively small part of the workday, it's a chance to build community, boost productivity, and encourage healthy eating. Just ask Thumbtack, the startup with its own full-time chef who prepares meals the whole team eats together; or Airbnb, which recently posted a job listing for a "Heart Baker" to create vegan treats for employees.

Will Food52 be on the next list of the world's Most Innovative Companies?

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