Apple’s Next Television Service Could Allow You To Skip Ads

A big new rumor suggest Apple is chasing tech that would skip ads on its next TV-tech effort. That implies live TV is on the way!

Apple’s Next Television Service Could Allow You To Skip Ads

For a long while now we’ve heard rumors that Apple is in discussions with different TV content sources to deliver shows and movies for its TV effort, but the latest rumor has added a new wrinkle. The word is that Apple has been looking at a subscription service that includes live programming and lets viewers skip ad breaks automatically.

A former Wall Street Journal reporter is the source of the new rumors via an anonymous insider. Apple’s current TV tech is all about playback of previously archived material either via a user’s iTunes setup or a streaming source like Netflix. The move to include live TV would indicate a huge change for Apple, and could signify that it’s closer to a future digital TV product than was previously assumed. The idea of a subscription model that allows ad-skipping is particularly interesting, because it means Apple is considering offsetting the network’s ad revenues via income from users.

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