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The Code War

On Her One-Year Anniversary At Yahoo, Marissa Mayer Wins Battle With Department Of Justice

The FISA court says the Department of Justice must declassify Yahoo's legal documents that show it strongly objected to government spying on users.

Yahoo has won the battle to unseal key documents from a 2008 FISA court case, says the Daily Dot. Yahoo "objected strenuously" to the government's requests five years ago to give user data to the secretive FISA court, so yesterday's decision is a bit of good news—on this, the one-year anniversary of Marissa Mayer's first day in charge of the Purple Internet Monster.

Anyone hoping for a big reveal of surveillance secrets will probably be disappointed. There will be no unearthing of secret email correspondence showing vacuum-cleaner attachments and potential colorways suitable for the KSM-designed cleaning appliance, no hint as to what songs the Secretary of Defense listens to on his daily workout, just stuff that shows that Yahoo really, really objected—strenuously—to the DoJ's demands. Here's the ruling:

The Department of Justice has two weeks to tell the court how long it will need to submit the documents after its censors have made liberal use of their black Sharpies on the files. It is not known whether other tech firms implicated in the NSA surveillance scandal—including Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook—are attempting to get similar reveals from the government.

[Image: Flickr user sburke2478]

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