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Where Are They Now?

If Apple Buys PrimeSense, Your Apple Gadgets Could Soon Detect Your Gestures

You can almost feel the excitement at the thought that Apple wants a bite of PrimeSense's gesture-detecting pie.

The hottest rumor on the block this morning is that Apple is actually "in talks" to buy PrimeSense—the company behind the clever 3-D gesture and identity-sensing tech that made Microsoft's Kinect device so neat. About $280 million is the magic number.

The source is Israeli news site Calcalist, and apparently it's got a bit of a reputation for sniffing out great inside info about acquisitions.

This is such hot gossip because PrimeSense's tech is so radically powerful, and because Apple could very easily incorporate it into Macs, iDevices, and possibly even the fabled Apple Television to create a truly innovative gesture interface. After all, Apple introduced the world to the idea of multitouch and 2-D gestures to control devices, so why wouldn't it do an equally great job with 3-D?

[Image: By Flickr user Christopher Thompson]