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Today's Most Innovative Company: Mark43's Smart Software Helps Police Officers Fight Crime

A small software startup is creating tools to help police officers and the military reduce the amount of time they spend on paperwork so they can spend more time in the field.

Mark43, the Harvard Innovation Lab grad formerly known as Nucleik, is building software designed to make hours-long paperwork sessions and fragmented records relics of police departments past.

The startup has just raised $1.95 million in seed funding from a number of investors including Spark Capital and SV Angel to bring its software tools for police and the military to law enforcement agencies across the country.

The three founders of Mark43, which currently works with the Massachusetts State Police Special Projects Team, created their software after studying a team of state troopers and identifying significant workflow problems, particularly around time-consuming paperwork that was bogging down officers who could have been out in the field.

Mark43's mobile data entry platform is like a group notebook amongst officers, even those who are out in the field. Any notes recorded on one officer's phone are automatically synced with everyone else's devices. As Mark43 amasses more information, its founders say it will help officers better identify vital data, such as crime rates and hotspots, which in turn could help them allocate resources more effectively.

Will Mark43 be on the next list of the world's Most Innovative Companies?

[Image: Flickr user THE Holy Hand Grenade!]

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