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Uber Greenlights Weekend Hackathon Project: Fare Splitting

Highly requested by users and employees, the fare-splitting feature takes the headache out of fractions.

Uber Greenlights Weekend Hackathon Project: Fare Splitting

That confusing moment when everyone's ready to leave but there's still that little issue of settling the tab. Eliminating the headache of splitting Uber fare among friends, the e-hail app today debuted a feature to do the math for them—all while helping the company acquire new customers.

The update for iOS and Android devices is considered "the biggest feature add we've made in the history of Uber," according to a company spokesman. Fare splitting will make the price point of Uber—which has been criticized as a product catered for the tech elite with its premium (and occasional surge) pricing—more accessible.

Fare splitting has been an oft-requested feature by users and employees alike. "In fact, our engineers built the early version during a weekend hackathon and we've worked for a couple weeks to fine-tune it," the spokesman added.

Users who have updated the Uber app can find fare splitting when tapping the up arrow next to driver information. From there, they can choose which friends to split the fare with, and Uber sends them a text message link. Friends who are existing Uber users will be taken to the app to confirm they want to share the fare while those without Uber accounts will be prompted to download the app and sign up.

[Image: Flickr user Trickmonet]