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Here Comes the Drone: Quadcopter Serves as Ring Bearer in High-Tech Wedding

Tacos? Dry cleaning? In latest example of drone delivery, a quadcopter brings wedding rings to a bride and groom.

Drone delivery is poised to be a hot business. Using off-the-shelf and customized mini-copters, entrepreneurs have set their sights on bringing takeout and dry cleaning to people's doorsteps (or windows). But the latest special drone delivery is more special still: A video published yesterday on YouTube shows that drones can also serve as ring bearers.

When it came time to don the wedding rings, a quadcopter ceremoniously flew over a pool, bringing a pair of wedding rings for Octavio Good and Zinaida Tebaykina. The drone landed in the hands of the groom to much laughter and applause. Good, who created the offline real-time translation app Word Lens, retrieved the rings by untying a ribbon holding them together. Spectators were again amused when he released the quadcopter, letting it soar into the sky like a dove.

Good said he and his bride originally joked about having a drone ring bearer. "We love technology and robots and we couldn't think of someone to be the ring bearer," Octavio Good told Fast Company. "And then it just built up from there."

Octavio's brother, Kevin Good, volunteered to modify and control the robot. A photographer and cinematographer, he participates in the D.C.-area drone user group dedicated to aerial photography.