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Government Eyes Tech That Makes It Harder For You To Become A Whistleblower

Intelligence agency-linked venture capital fund In-Q-Tel is investing in HyTrust, which manufactures technology designed to foil whistleblowers and spies.

Government Eyes Tech That Makes It Harder For You To Become A Whistleblower

The CIA doesn't love the idea of data leaks or whistleblowers, and, as you can guess, neither does the NSA. So both agencies might be pleased to learn that In-Q-Tel, a venture capital fund with ties to both agencies, has invested money in HyTrust.

HyTrust protects cloud computer systems from unauthorized access. As part of an agreement with In-Q-Tel, Hytrust will develop a secure virtualized and cloud infrastructure based around the two-man rule, which requires a second person to approve anyone trying to reach sensitive information.

"As powerful administrative access to virtual infrastructure and the cloud increasingly become available to a broader range of IT personnel, comprehensive controls at this administrative layer become critical to information-reliant, and global strategy-focused organizations such as federal government agencies. More than any other solution on the market today, HyTrust can help deliver audit, enforcement, and policy controls to the administrative layer, including Secondary Approval to enforce the 'two man rule' on key transactions," said HyTrust President and cofounder, Eric Chiu in a statement.

[Image: Flickr user Henrik Bennetsen]