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Where Are They Now?

Beneath Surface, Microsoft's Legs Are Paddling Desperately To Get Traction

Success in the tablet market is proving as slippery to Microsoft as the glossy screen on a Surface tablet. So it's slashing prices.

Microsoft is now cutting around a third off the ticket price of its Surface RT tablet across Europe (the slower, cheaper entry-level tablet in its range) after lowering U.S. prices last week. In the U.S., the formerly $499 tablet is on sale for $349, but you'll still have to pay $100 extra for the edition with a smart keyboard. In Germany the tablet now costs €329 instead of €479—though this is still about $429 in equivalent cost.

The serious price cutting is unmistakably a sign that Microsoft is desperate to gain traction in the tablet market, and proof that the public isn't sold on its tablets just yet. Apple leads the tablet market with a commanding 39.6% of share for the first three months of 2013. Microsoft is missing out on billions of dollars of revenue thanks to devices that are making the PCs in its core market obsolete.

This news boils down to two questions:
Have you or anyone you know bought a Surface? Would the new $349 tempt you, even as a new, improved iPad Mini is rumored to be on the way?

[Image: By Flickr user Vernon Chan]