The Royal Baby Hasn’t Been Born, But It Already Has An App

With the media frenzy over the royal baby mounting, one British publishing firm has delivered early. Royal Baby appeared in the see-through bassinet that is the iTunes store, courtesy of Future Publishing. The free app is a “celebration of Kate and Will’s happy day*” and comes with paid-for sections** that users can download at their leisure.

Apart from the bad taste issue, there is, of course, one potential problem. The baby has not been born yet. What happens if there’s a problem? With a couple of royal gynecologists on hand to oversee the process, one hopes the future heir to the throne will have an easy arrival. If not, expect to see some serious damage control from Future Publishing.

*Happy, painful, fraught, tense, painful, amazing, funny, moving, painful, nerve-wracking, painful.
**Not an epidural, but extra content.

[Image by Flickr user dno1967b]AD