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Twitter Quietly Ships Three Execs Overseas to Lead International Growth

Twitter's Katie Jacobs Stanton, Shailesh Rao, and Ali Jafari will serve as vice presidents in Europe and Asia.

A Twitter spokesman has confirmed to Fast Company that three senior execs—Katie Jacobs Stanton, Shailesh Rao, and Ali Jafari—will take on new roles abroad.

First spotted by AllThingsD, the execs had updated their Twitter bios to reflect their new locations and titles, shifts that suggest the company is emphasizing international growth.

On her Twitter page, Katie Jacobs Stanton, vice president of international market development, notes her location as "Europe or bust!" AllThingsD suggests she will move to the Paris office given her recent tweets (as well as her header image of the Eiffel Tower).

Shailesh Rao, former vice president of international sales, is said to be heading to Singapore (Twitter location: "Everywhere/Nowhere/onmywaySG") where he will serve as vice president of Asia Pacific, Latin America, and emerging markets.

Ali Jafari, who mentions he is in Europe in his Twitter bio, will serve as vice president of direct sales for Europe in Dublin. He was previously the director of sales for two and a half years.

[Image: Flickr user Andreas Eldh]