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Most Creative People

Today's Most Creative Person: Alex Maccaw, Encouraging Idea-Sharing Without The Snark

Monocle is a place where techies can share interesting ideas, without the fear of useless negative feedback and snarky comments.

  • <p>Monocle's interface. Already you can see articles from Quartz, Medium, and The Next Web.</p>
  • <p>Monocle's mobile interface.</p>
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    Monocle's interface. Already you can see articles from Quartz, Medium, and The Next Web.

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    Monocle's mobile interface.

The Internet can be a wonderful place for the tech community to explore new ideas. But when it comes to sharing feedback, the web can become hostile. Who hasn't had their ideas bombarded by a wave of snark and pessimistic criticism? Let's face it, sometimes techies can be jerks. Have you been to Reddit or Hacker News lately?

So, to better "foster an entrepreneurial spirit," JavaScript programmer Alex Maccaw created Monocle, a place to share content "with a focus on technology, startups and frankly anything that appeals to the inquisitive mind."

On Monocle, non-constructive criticism won't be tolerated, and all comments will be linked to their creator's social accounts, which fosters accountability. The tool itself is lovely. The design is clean, and the functionality simple. Articles are pulled in almost instantaneously, with an image and a summary. A user is invited to contribute, converse, or just read.

Every year, Fast Company names its 100 Most Creative People, highlighting the global leaders in tech, design, media, music, movies, marketing, television, sports, and more. Maccaw, and other thought-leaders, will be considered for 2014's list.

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