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Psy Reaches Three Billion Views On YouTube

He joins Rihanna and Justin Bieber as the third artist to ever have that many views. Not bad for a virtual one-hit wonder.

Psy Reaches Three Billion Views On YouTube

Psy has broken the three-billion-view mark on his YouTube channel. The K-Pop sensation, largely unknown a year ago, joins those eminent YouTubians Justin Bieber and Rihanna as the third part of the most powerful triumvirate in music on the Internet. Main credit must be given to Psy's first single, Gangnam Style, which had over 1.7 billion views, with his second, Gentleman, just nudging under the 500 million mark.

Is there any record on YouTube that Psy doesn't hold? Gangnam Styleseen here as a paper animation—is the most-viewed clip on the Google-owned video site. Gentleman got 58 million hits on its first weekend—and is the most-viewed-in-a-day video (38 million in 24 hours).

[Image by Flickr user blakespot]