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Apple Unearthed A 15th Century Hospital, And Is Building A Store On Top Of It

If you really want to see the ruins, you'll have to head to the basement of Apple's flagship Spanish store.

When Apple's flagship Spanish store opens, it will have ancient ruins in its basement.

While constructing the store in the center of Madrid, workers unearthed the wall of a hospital built six centuries ago. The Buen Suceso hospital dates back to the 15th century, when it was a place to treat plague victims. It was demolished in 1854, along with a church that stood next to it.

The church's remains were found in 2009, and preserved behind glass, where they can be seen by passersby. But the hospital's remains won't get the same treatment, "because of the ruins' lack of interesting visuals." Apple has been given permission to build its basement floor on top of the wall and "symbolically" trace its location, so it might be remembered by anyone lucky enough to be wandering around in the belly of Apple's Madrid store. If that's you, you'll know the wall's location by the nearby information plaque.

[Image: Flickr user erix!]

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